Stay in Destiny World x Alpha Moon Capital: Partnership Announcement

2 min readDec 3, 2021


Stay in Destiny World is excited to welcome our new partnership with Alpha Moon Capital — a VC fund focused on investing in early-stage decentralized financing, NFT and Web3 startups.

Alpha Moon Capital’s portfolio includes a long line of prominent blockchain projects such as H3RO3ES, CreatorChain, Defina, Meta Spacial, Warena, DareNFT, Knight War, Space SIP, Koi Metaverse, etc.

With the extensive experience and strong financial support from Alpha Moon Capital, Stay in Destiny World is confident in our expansion and growth in the upcoming stage!!!! Bright future ahead for all.

About Alpha Moon Capital

Alpha Moon Capital focuses on investing in early-stage decentralized financing, NFT and Web3 startups. We aim to support ambitious blockchain startups which bring innovations and great solutions to enhance the foundation of the decentralized web.

Alpha Moon Capital not only invests in Blockchain projects, but also incubates, accelerates and supports projects to the fullest by connecting the founding team to the right influencers and investors.

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About Stay in Destiny World

“Stay In Destiny World” is a DeFi NFT game with multi-gameplay combined including: Rare crypto-collectibles, Action Role-Playing, Farming strategy & Community Building. The team aims at creating a Multi-universe where players play the game to earn money and support themselves. We aspire to be a minor component of Metaverse, but a critical component of the future of valuable GameFi products, helping to establish a common and effective bridge connecting blockchain and human society.

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Stay In Destiny World is DEFI NFTs Game metaverse built on BSC platform. Free & Small early investment amount to play the game but still can earn massive income