Stay in Destiny World Join Partnership with Hafen Ventures

Stay in Destiny World is excited to announce that we have partnered with Hafen Ventures. They will be one of our investors and partners who give financial and marketing support.

Hafen Ventures is a VC fund that aims at helping high-potential blockchain startups to scale up and thrive in the space. They have a large and active crypto community in Indonesia. Hafen Ventures is now on its way to becoming the investment and entertainment gateway for blockchain projects in Indonesia.

Hafen Ventures supports Stay in Destiny World in being more connected to the Indonesian community through their extensive network of connections and financial support. Stay tuned for more updates!!!

Hafen Ventures is a part of “Hafen Group”, aiming at becoming a platform that plays an important role in the evolution of how money is stored and used in the industrial era 4.0. We focus on startups using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. We believe the future of the economy is in blockchain, and that makes Hafen Ventures want to become a startup incubator and help develop blockchain projects.

With our experience, strategy and connections in Indonesia, we will help potential projects coming to the blockchain industry.

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“Stay In Destiny World” is a DeFi NFT game with multi-gameplay combined including: Rare crypto-collectibles, Action Role-Playing, Farming strategy & Community Building. The team aims at creating a Multi-universe where players play the game to earn money and support themselves. We aspire to be a minor component of Metaverse, but a critical component of the future of valuable GameFi products, helping to establish a common and effective bridge connecting blockchain and human society.

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Stay In Destiny World is DEFI NFTs Game metaverse built on BSC platform. Free & Small early investment amount to play the game but still can earn massive income