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2 min readJan 23, 2022

Stay in Destiny World (SIW) is pleased to announce that the Marketplace feature will be available at 15:00 UTC on January 23. Players will have a safe and convenient platform to exchange NFTs and in-game items, which will assist to complete the game’s ecosystem.

The marketplace is the heart of any gaming product that allows users to swap items. SIW additionally creates and improves the project’s Marketplace after considering a variety of conditions and factors.

$SIW token is the only currency accepted in the market. Furthermore, the sales tax in SIW is one of the lowest of any current game on the market. This tax income will be used to pay bonuses, distribute salaries, and provide benefits to the game’s residents (Characters owned by the user).

The Marketplace not only serves as a platform for users to trade items, but it also serves as a record of the user’s ownership of the NFTs. Users that trade and exchange NFTs on other NFT exchange platform (without using the game’s Marketplace) will be considered ineligible. Those NFTs will not be marked as the player’s property and will not appear or be used in the game.

So pack your bags and head to our Marketplace to experience the bustling shopping and trading space. We’re all set for the Marketplace launch at 15:00 UTC Jan 23. Stay tuned!!!!!

About Stay in Destiny World

“Stay In Destiny World” is a DeFi NFT game with multi-gameplay combined including: Rare crypto-collectibles, Action Role-Playing, Farming strategy & Community Building. The team aims at creating a Multi-universe where players play the game to earn money and support themselves. We aspire to be a minor component of Metaverse, but a critical component of the future of valuable GameFi products, helping to establish a common and effective bridge connecting blockchain and human society.

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Stay In Destiny World is DEFI NFTs Game metaverse built on BSC platform. Free & Small early investment amount to play the game but still can earn massive income