How to buy Character NFTs of Stay in Destiny World Game

4 min readJan 10, 2022

Here comes what you’ve been waiting for — the complete and simple step-by-step instructions for buying Character NFTs of Stay in Destiny World Game. The mysterious journey into the unknown is about to begin!!!!

Stay in Destiny World is all about you playing the Character NFTs and discovering the mystery lands, fighting monsters, trading on Marketplace, joining competitions and events to earn $SIW tokens!

On January 11th, 2022, we’ll be launching the first and only Character NFTs Sale of Game Phase I. Details are as follow:

⏰ Time: 12:00 UTC, Jan 11th
💎 Venue:

  • You’ll need to purchase the Medal first and then use it to Summon the Character NFT.
  • Each Medal can be used to summon 1 Character NFT with random rarity stats. The more Medal you buy, the more NFT you own.
  • You can purchase up to 50 Medals at the same time.
  • The number of NFTs that 1 wallet address can own is unlimited. However, on this NFTs Sale — Phase 1, a wallet can only purchase maximum 50 Medals.
    We want you to own and engage with your NFTs in the game, thus we recommend having a decent number of NFTs so you can take care of them properly.
  • For each wallet address, the 1st to 5th Medal you purchase will cost 500 SIW each. The price of the next medals will increase according to the number of medals purchased by the wallet address.

Buy Medals to Summon Character NFTs

Step 1: Visit the Website and Connect your wallet (Metamask is recommended)
Click here:

Step 2: Click “Purchase” and Enter the quantity of Medals you want to buy.

Step 3: Click “Purchase” and Approve/Confirm the transaction. If you complete the purchase successfully, the notification will look like this.

Step 4: To see all your purchased Medals, please click OK > “Locket Page” at the right top corner to see all your purchased Medals.

There will be 2 sections: Locked (purchased Medals) and Unlocked (summoned NFTs).

Summon Character NFTs to Molaka World

Step 1: In the Lock section, click “Summon” on the Medal that you want to use. And then click “Yes”.

Step 2: Confirm the transaction and wait for the unveiling of your summoned Character NFT.

Step 3: Click “Close” and go to “Unlocked” section on the Locket page for checking your NFTs.

You can click into the Character NFT to see its details (ID, Rarity Stat, Final Rarity Point, etc.)

To conclude

And that’s all for the simple steps to summon new friends to Molaka World. Having a Character NFT allows you to participate in all game activities such as Adventure Mode, in-game competitions, and events, which all give passive revenue such as SIW, MOLA, and other NFTs.

Learn more on the Unique Characteristics of Character NFTs

All you need now, in addition to the Character NFTs of your own, is a cold head and a brave heart to join us in exploring the magical and mystical lands of Molaka. Details regarding the game’s Beta Test and Official Launch will be released very shortly. Please keep an eye out for it!!

About Stay in Destiny World

“Stay In Destiny World” is a DeFi NFT game with multi-gameplay combined including: Rare crypto-collectibles, Action Role-Playing, Farming strategy & Community Building. The team aims at creating a Multi-universe where players play the game to earn money and support themselves. We aspire to be a minor component of Metaverse, but a critical component of the future of valuable GameFi products, helping to establish a common and effective bridge connecting blockchain and human society.

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Stay In Destiny World is DEFI NFTs Game metaverse built on BSC platform. Free & Small early investment amount to play the game but still can earn massive income